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Frequently Asked Questions

Most benefits from physiotherapy services are provided through educational means, the right exercises, and some manual therapy. Did you know that most of these things can be thought to you? We can provide you with all the right resources and help you progress through your rehabilitation from a distance. If you were to see your therapist a few times per week that would only account for about 1-2% of your week in total hours. The other 98% of the time we are there with you in educational tips and pain control delivery through at home practices. We are here to lead you, in clinic, or away. Try us out and you may be surprised.

Most plans do cover Tele-rehab since COVID-19. This may change, but we will know immediately if yours is covered or not through our direct billing portal. You can also verify with your own insurance company to double check, but most insurance providers now recognize this delivery method of care. We will keep you updated if things were to change.

You need:

  • An email address
  • Any device
  • And most importantly: You! an engaged human being ready to start their path to recovery

Don’t stress about it. If you don’t succeed at connection we will be calling your home phone number or cell phone to guide you through.

We are enjoying tele-rehab so much and have found the value it can bring to so many different people that we are ready to help you log on, get engaged, and ensure we have plenty of time for trouble-shooting those first few times.

You may get an email with education regarding your injured joint ahead of time, depending on the knowledge we have of your injury prior to your appointment.

  • You will be rebooked with your practitioner.
  • Your therapist will discuss your case with their team if they require help
  • They will be in touch with your family doctor for anything required or alarming
  • They will communicate with you a summary of your treatment session and educational material


About Us

We consider ourselves your finest resource in getting what you need out of health care. Whether you meet us online or at one of our locations, we are geared at providing the right rehab; at the right time; at the most convenient place for you.

We also promise to communicate your goals and needs with your doctor so you can feel completely supported by our team. You may be reaching out to one professional, but they bring any difficult case forward to the whole team (anonymously) and we search through the best treatment plans for you!

Providing you with support and resources to empower you to become your own advocate.

We want to inspire healthier communities, including you as well as ease the challenges we all face while navigating our healthcare system.

We are your Safe Space.

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